Inspirational Talks & Music Evening #2

celebrating successes in Asian fashion, sound healing, and motherhood!

Oniatta Effendi gave insight into the world of batik, and what constitutes a piece of treasured heirloom
Candid moments shared by Jacqueline Lim about her journey raising Issy, prolific photographer born with Nager Syndrome.
Its all smiles by men and women alike!
SMILE! Coz Life is all worthwhile! Music releases endorphins indeed..
Featured Speakers and Musicians

International Womens Day Special!

Kicking off the series in March 2019 saw award winning writer Josephine Chia – winner of Singapore Literature Prize; Jacqueline Chan -named one of 30 most influential private equity lawyers around the world under 40 years; Mathilda D Silva – founder of Marzel ensuring digital-social success for brands, cancer survivor Irene Jansen, Elaine Seow – Honorary Consul, and Susanna Kang, retired luxury brand specialist turned active fundraiser for charities.